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Thursday, July 23, 2009

short stories

  • when i was seven all i wanted to be was eight.
  • i woke up this morning, sneezed and looked around for a tissue - there were none to be had.
  • i chased a duck when i was in pre-school once - it bit my cock.
  • the night michael jackson died, someone's facebook status said, "You can do it, MJ". I googled michael jordan immediately, but he was fine.
  • my first kiss was behind the slides at the playground; we decided to stare into each other's eyes until we fell in love.
  • the breakdown in cyndi lauper's "girls just want to have fun" gives me the chills.
  • i briefly felt the satisfaction of having landed the ollie off the box before i stood up and looked at my hand; all my fingers were wrenched backwards and my eyes burst from my skull.
  • the first thing i did when i took off my glove to see why my finger was hurting and saw that it was twisted around my other fingers in a manner not physically possible was whip out my cell phone and take a picture.
  • when i fell into the rapids and the brown, frothing water was swirling like ten foot walls 360 degrees around me i screamed, inhaling the muddy, bubbling liquid into my lungs. no one heard me.
  • i want to be sitting on a white-sand beach, looking out at clear, turquoise water, drinking a piƱa colada from a coconut.
  • i briefly dated this girl i wasn't really interested in in ninth or tenth grade, and when she asked me if i loved her i said, "Yes."
  • i've been listening to music in headphones again, even when i am alone.


andrew worthington said...

you should submit this to mcsweeneys online publication

Todd Parks said...

you should submit this to mcsweeneys online publication