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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mi distancia pt. II

desde ahora se las escusas que despues usare como razones por las que cortamos

en una situacion asi
es la razon o el sentimiento que precede?

quizas sea un pobre idiota que no sabe lo que tiene

y aun teme perderlo

mi distancia pt. I

si algun dia llegariamos a cortar

no lo sentiria

seria simplemente
un giro diferente
de un movimiento ya constante

como un cometa que llego a orbitar tu mundo
nadamas para volver a lanzarse

nunca aterrize

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

if all actions have meaning then i would like to create the meaning in all my actions but i would probably never know the meaning of that action


yes i realize what you said

wow youre smart

what'd you say

i don't know who said that i said it



no its not really like that

its not how they said i thought it was

its more strange but also more simple

and you have to look it up in a book

but if you look it up in a book youre fucked



the time changed the other day

it was okay

i didn't really notice but it was pleasant

the clocks had to be changed manually

but the computers changed themselves


what if we all ate a burger at the same time

it would have to be a big burger

jesus would probably have to do something to help out

you probably wouldnt believe it

i might not believe it

depends on his technique


what is the point of numbers

just to count, really

counting is useful


why do cigarette prices keeep going up

think you know why

i can tell you if you dont

but i might have to look it up


yeah i am tired of the repetition too like you thought i might be

no im not implying that your life is repetitive


angry dogs are barking outside

police sirens just drove by



but its interesting how we never die

until we realize that we will


focus on something specific






the leaves changed the other day

i could tell that a certain hue of dark green had definitely become a certain hue of dark orange

secondary colors in tragic motion or something


lifted up my boxers the other day

scratched my balls

looked at my ballls

nodded to myself


does anyone know what lebron james' new number is?

i dont want to look it up and i can never tell when i see game clips


ending on an even number would be good

it would create balance


i stepped on every crack i could today


i think i am uncomfortable making connections


it feels better to wake up early

but it is okay to stay up all night


bananas are red if you are weirdly color blind

of course, i don't know anyone that is colorblind

over half of all females are color blind i heard

of course, 79 percent of statistics are made up

or something like that


everything was fine until i realized i was floating on ice

and i didn't know how to skate

i held onto a railing on the side of the rink and skated


what is a typical day like for someone else


what is the end of a day like for someone else


it is interesting how the word "like" has become so common

people must be getting very poetic

or at least conjunctive


i can't find a fitting way to end this

there are no perfect or happy endings

except in all those books or movies that almost made me cry


but i never cry really, i just laugh