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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


my stomach did that rumbling thing it does, when it's not really rumbling but more of a dull gurgling emptiness.
except i'm not sure if it's even gurgling. and it's certainly not empty, i guess. not exactly moving, is what i mean, i suppose.
i thought, "sandwich".
i am wearing orange socks, and i walked downstairs in them.
the kitchen was dark, and i opened the fridge without having turned on the lights.
the white light from the fridge made everything inside so colorful yet so bland at the same time.
i forgot why i had opened the door and stared at the contents of the fridge.
heinz ketchup, big and red. that's not what i wanted.
i shut the door.
i turned the lights in the kitchen on and grabbed a plate and two knives, one for the mustard and the other for the mayonnaise.
i started untwisting the twist-tie from the plastic bag of bread. when i was done with that, i pulled at the plastic and it rustled open, revealing another hermetically sealed package with no reasonable way to open it.
i tugged at it. it rustled.
i tried to open it in a way that would force the thin layer of plastic to split. it rustled.
i yanked. it rustled.
it rustled.
i got out the scissors and cut it open.
i slathered my pieces of wholeweat with mayonnaise and mustard. then i wanted to add cheese.
i took the cheese out of the cheese drawer in the fridge (which is also used for cured meats), but it was in shrinkwrapped plastic.
i thought to myself, "i'm too lazy".
i thought to myself, "don't be lazy".
i pulled at the corners of the cheese package. nothing happened.
i used the scissors to cut open the cheese package. the plastic end fell onto the counter.
i pushed the closed end of the cheese package towards the open end. it rustled, but nothing happened.
i pulled at the loose end. it rustled.
i squeezed at the closed end. it rustled.
i used the scissors to open up the packet of cheese and then cut a piece from the block.
i got a ziploc bag out of the drawer to put the cheese into, now that it was opened. it rustled.
i couldn't get the ziplines to match up.
i did only when i pulled it shut from one side to the other.
i opened up the cheese/cured meats drawer and took out some turkey. the first meat i'd eaten in almost a week.
it made me feel bad to think about eating.
i tried to open the ziploc bag of turkey, but instead i ripped the bag.
i took out some pieces of turkey and then put them on to the cheese, which was on the mayonnaise side of the sandwich.
i closed the sandwich with the mustard side.
i squished my hand down into the bread to make the sandwich thinner and less puffy.
i opened the drawer and got a bigger ziploc bag out for the turkey, because i had ripped the one it came in. it rustled.
i flipped the bag around the turkey to push the air out of the ziploc. it rustled.
i opened the refrigerator door and looked down at the vegetables as i slid open the drawer reserved for cheese and cured meats.
i shut the refrigerator and picked up my plate.
i turned the lights to the kitchen off behind me before i walked upstairs.