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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The steering wheel on my car feels like it has always been there

So do the pedals

I push on the gas pedal

I speed past a pickup truck

It is navy blue

It is emitting lots of fumes

I blow cigarette smoke out the window

I turn left down a side street

Kids are playing hockey in the street

I push on the gas pedal and attempt to run them over

They avoid me

I turn back onto a main road

I let cars pass me

I feel like an animal running at the back of the herd

I feel like a machine

But not like a cog in the machine

I am a machine and I am fulls of cogs that i can't control


Niki said...

Main Entry:
1cog Listen to the pronunciation of 1cog
Middle English cogge, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Swedish kugge cog
13th century

1 : a tooth on the rim of a wheel or gear 2 : a subordinate but integral person or part

andrew worthington said...

sometimes i read the dictionary and i go "huh"