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Saturday, June 27, 2009

one of the most fucked up things i've written.

(inspired by the vaselines)

pussycat meow
i want to skin you
and make a hat for my head
to keep it from getting so moist

pussycat meow
i want to shave off all your short, coarse hair
as a funny prank
a surprise to the neighbor when he gets home

rooster crow
i want to hold out your neck
stretch it out good
and watch it spurt blood when it's all over

rooster crow
i want to wrap you
in a floury tortilla smothered in a medley of juices
and stick you in my mouth

pussycat meow
and rooster crow
in a boat with a guitar
while the cow flies over the moon


andrew worthington said...

i have liked this each time ive read it

brosephine said...

i like it too its grossly good