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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Into Nova

Into Nova

there are the sneaks left at the door
of the wingless
                                    aero planes
            fleets of college kids
collecting pennies in dirty delight
American steampunk promises

roar in the legs of boredom

grown into clothes too small
stuffed in the bells
of the great stone fries
silencing our steps

into nova

one future to lose
just wanting to be that someone
can eat the dandelions

like butterscotch bottle caps who

thinks back and
because the tree rings
                        in our limbs
don’t show how starved we are

by the dominion
of compliance


Magic Oracle said...

Hi this is Thai song

Nicola said...

Wow Charlie,
I really like your poetry.

Not sure if you remember me, or if you mind me commenting on your poetry - just wanted to give you props for your writing.
Machine Gun Moments is pure awesomeness!
I love the way you captured the atmosphere in your April 2nd post!
And you completely nailed "Moments of Salt".

Do you still write prose?

CharliePuckett said...

Thanks a lot Nicola, feel free to post all you want, go ahead and follow the blog if you don't already, we'd be happy to have you. Thanks again for the compliments, I really appreciate that, and yes, I still write prose, flash fiction lately, but prose is a lot harder with school approaching the end of the year and all the busy that turns on.

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