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Monday, March 15, 2010

Pistols and Artifacts

Pistols and Artifacts

There are collections of pistols
racked in cherry,
mahogany, glass cabinets
owned by men of women—

Polished and loaded
between legs
of wine, dinner parties, cabarets
and the sun’s of a bourgeois
season son.

The collectors watch their cabinet
by night, when
lightning charges
the pistols
in uncanny light;
visible then,
steel pistils in religious right.

Others collect, in cabinet,
only the knowledge
of the Indiana Jones artifact,
for women,
from kingdoms overgrown.

When stigma pawnshops
call in the middle of the night,
the collector sleeps happy
from adventures under the sun.

Inside the cabinets,
women see artifacts taken by
pistols and pistols protected as
artifacts and under the sun,
they shrug, comfortably fond of the
understood flower.