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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Walking through

I opened the door and sat down at a table, or I knocked the table over.

I leaned back in the chair while letting out a sigh of exhaust, or I picked the table back up.

I put my elbows on the table and rested my head against it, or I knocked the table back over.

I turned around to make sure there was no one around me, or I heard someone behind me and stabbed them with a pen.

I turned my attention back on the table because no one was behind me, or I watched as the person behind me died from ink poisoning.

I left the room because I was bored, or I stayed in the room and watched the person die.

I went into another room where I tried to open a can of beans, or I ate the dead person's body.

I couldn't remember how to use a can opener so I yelled for help, or I pooped out the dead person's body.

I was aided by my sister when she heard my yell, or I sat and pooped for several more minutes.

I watched as my sister opened the can for me, or I wiped my ass and flushed the toilet.

I ate all the beans in the can in one gulp and then realized that I hadn't offered any to my sister, or I began to think that I had pooped too soon after eating the dead person's body.

I laughed with my sister about how silly it was to eat so many beans so quickly, or I didn't care how soon I had pooped.

I turned on the radio and my sister looked for a station, or I left the bathroom and walked towards a room with no lights.

I told my sister I had to go poop because of all the beans I ate, or I entered the room and sat down at a table.