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Sunday, October 4, 2009

things i now know i like to do

salt (when it comes from a salt shaker)

carrying around a copy of rimbaud so i look cool and because you can just leave it open and sit and eat food (i might come back to this)

ice cream (preferrably in a cone but it doesnt really matter)

horror movies

considering my diet

waiting for godot (i used to think it was sweet and then i was like no its lame and now im like no its sweet)


"dressing up" in my "fine" clothing

bass guitar (once again, more of a rediscovery)



shampoo (though i need a special kind)

writing nonsense that no one will read

fascism (as an idea, not as something practical)

meeting new people (this one is a lie)

cigarettes that havent been crushed (i dont like cigs that have been crushed)

holding onto library books as long as i want because the library has no "power"

forgetting to post on other peoples blogs (i only do that so they will look at this)

beer in cans (unless its magic hat or corona or ginger ale)

langston hughes (hes kind of funny when you think about it)

laughing to myself when no one else is around

cupcakes (with icing)

calling people names, usually their actual names

old retro shit (because its retro)

new order (the band)

looking at my fingers and wondering how i scratched them