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Monday, August 31, 2009

ob stands under the streetlight smoking a cigarette. The streetlight is off, despite the fact that it is beginning to get dark out.

He feels a vibration in his pocket. It is his phone. Mark is calling him.

"Hey," says Bob.

"Hey," says Mark.

"What's up?"

"Nothing. You want to come over and get drunk with me and Kaley and Gene?"

"Sure. I'll be over in half an hour or so."

"Ok. Later."


Bob walks to the nearest bus stop. While waiting for a bus he sees a group of Orthodox Jewish males walking across the street. At least he thinks they are Orthodox Jews because they have long beards.

He sits down on the bus stop bench next to a lady with red hair. He begins looking at her legs but then she begins to turn slightly towards him, so he pretends to be scratching his eyes.

His bus comes and he rides it for nine blocks and then gets off. He then waits for his next bus. No one is waiting at that bus stop. He whispers to himself, "Motherfuckers."

His next bus comes and he rides it for eight blocks and then he gets off and walks four blocks to Mark's apartment.

He knocks on Mark's door. A girl named Kaley opens it.

"Hi!" says Kaley.

"Hey," says Bob.

He walks in and says hello to everyone and then finds an empty chair. They all seem deeply involved in some kind of horror movie. Except for Kaley, who looks bored and tired. Bob doesn't try to catch up with the film. Instead, he just watches the expressions on everyone's faces.

Twenty minutes later the movie is done, and everyone says how much they liked it. Bob doesn't care and he remains silent.

The conversation then veers into other movies. Then they all get bored talking about movies and no one says anything for fifteen seconds.

"So what do you guys want to do tonight?" asks Mark.

"I want to go to the bar," says Kaley.

"I don't want to spend money on drinks," says Gene.

"Me neither," says Bob.

Mark looks perplexed. "We could just go see Halloween again."

"But we can't drink in the movie theatre," says Bob.

"Yeah, that's right," says Mark.

"Remember when we used to be allowed to drink in movie theatres?" says Bob.

"We weren't alive then. I don't know if that was ever legal," says Mark.

"Everything used to be legal," says Bob.

"What is that supposed to mean?" says Kaley.

"Well, there was a time before the state and before laws or any of that stuff wasn't there?" says Bob.

"I guess," says Kaley.

"Well then, there used to be no laws prohibiting drinking in theatres a long time ago."

"But there weren't even movie theatres back then," says Mark.

Bob says,"Yeah, but just think about it....I don't know...I think I've had to much to drink."