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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

tickle my fancy

i started a blog.
because i am bored
and all my friends are back at school
it's not literary, or anything at all, really
it's whatever tickles my fancy
but the URL for that name was taken
so it is:
i'm probably going to forget about it in a couple days
which reminds me.
if you're ever feeling like listening to music that is good (most of the time)
and that i am into and have chosen myself to add to this list
that everyone can listen to then go to this.


dennis fitzgerald donnelly said...

dude i started a blog too. i am one of tao lin's interns now. intern number 14. here it is:

dennis fitzgerald donnelly said...

plus the nice thing about yours is that you can just play the radio station with it

Niki said...

everyone should start a blog.
we are we are (we are)
the youth of the nation.